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"Screeching" sound during slow speed, left turn, right turn and slow acceleration.

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"Screeching" sound during slow speed, left turn, right turn and slow acceleration.

Post by boklsg on 23rd March 2010, 11:33 am

Hi All,

Just to check any bro's ride here has the same problem as mine.

Just found out this problem after my first servicing

I am driving Forte SX 1.6A.
The problem will only happen after 15 to 30 min or longer ride.

  • When i travel at speed of 30km/h without stepping accelerator.
  • moving off ( very slight acceleration).
  • Turn left or right at very low speed without accelerate.(20km/h).
  • Even without engage gear. Just rev the engine (initial rev).

Went back C&C to check and was told that this is the first case they encounter. (SUAY)

After check, they tell me that suspect it come from my hydralic power steering return holes (2nos.).

I was told that they have already make known to 'KML' or something like that. Need to wait for 2 week for the spare to arrive (By Air). And was told by the EXEC that "HOPEFULLY" can solve the problem by changing the hose....Means not confirm can solve..(Very Sian)...


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